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Five hostess gift ideas for $10 or less

You don't have to blow your budget to impress your hostess - here are my five favourite hostess gifts for under ten bucks.


If you’re like me, you’re probably headed to at least a few parties this season. You might be planning to tote the obligatory bottle of wine, but how about a little gift for the person hosting? After all, it takes a lot of time and effort to throw a party, especially during the holiday season. At no other time of year is a hostess gift more appropriate. You don’t have to blow your budget either: there are tons of great, cheap ideas to help you make a splash. Here are five of my favourites – just wrap one of these up with a thoughtful card and you’re on your way to impressing your host…. (and making sure you’re at the top of the invite list next time!).

Also, feel free to share your own suggestions and favourites below.

My top five:

Baking: A box of cookies, baked nuts or homemade candy is a cheap and thoughtful way to say thanks to the person hosting your next party. They can keep the treats for later or open them up and share with guests. Personally, I love it when people bring their best baking to my house.

Ornaments: There’s a flower shop near my house that sells gorgeous glass tree ornaments. Some of them are pretty expensive but there are a few that sell for $10 or less. Every year I go in and buy a dozen of the small ones to take with me as hostess gifts throughout the season.

Candles: They always come in handy when you’re entertaining – and they can help set the mood. Just avoid scented candles: not everyone likes the same smell so save that watermelon scented votive for you own place.

Gourmet treats: One of the nicest hostess gifts I ever received was a tiny yet luxurious bottle of balsamic vinegar. It was life changing and I still use it to this day. Yummy jars of jellies, oils, or vinegars make great gifts; particularly if it’s something you enjoy using and can recommend how to serve (try it with strawberries!).

Framed photograph: If you’re headed to a friend’s place for dinner, think about framing a picture of the two of you or a happy memory you both shared. In this world of digital photos, I love getting photos – I rarely have time to get my own pictures printed so I treasure the ones I have and keep them on my desk and mantel. Photographs are a cheap and really thoughtful way to thank your host.

What do you typically give as a hostess gift? Please share your comments here.