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Chatelaine's new guide to money for Canadian women, Earn, Spend, Save

Six months and six easy steps to take control of your finances

Chatelaine Earn Spend Save Book

Most Canadian women would rather talk about their sex lives than reveal their bank balance. Chatelaine magazine wants to inspire and empower Canadian women to say goodbye to debt and take charge of their finances in 2010.

Earn, Spend, Save: The Savvy Guide to a Richer, Smarter, Debt-Free Life , is bursting with the smart advice and real-life tips on saving money and time that Chatelaine knows Canadian women need and want. From recession-proofing investment strategies to taming that paper pile of bills and statements, Earn, Spend, Save delivers a comprehensive roadmap to help Canadian women calm their money worries and reach their financial goals.

Author and Chatelaine magazine financial columnist, Kira Vermond, shows readers how to change their relationship with money and feel confident and in control (and not crumple up ATM receipts because they’re too scared to look at the balance) with tips and strategies for:

  • Negotiating a better package at work (including a salary increase!)
  • Determining if you really need a financial planner
  • Getting out of debt faster
  • Nixing your inner procrastinator at tax time (and find ways to increase your tax deductions)
  • Combining finances with a partner or spouse
  • Deciding to buy a home and the tools to use during the home-buying process
  • Planning for your kids’ education
  • Saving for emergencies and sudden life changes

Earn, Spend, Save includes a six-month plan that lays out what to tackle first so that readers feel confident about managing their money.

The 6-Month Plan

  • Lay the foundation: Ask yourself the tough questions in order to get an accurate picture of your current situation.
  • Track it down: Keep track of your spending habits over a couple of weeks to discover where your money is going.
  • Make a change: Evaluate your spending from last month and come up with goals for saving.
  • Save for life: Start tucking away funds for the future by signing up for automatic payments and beginning at your own pace.
  • Plan for emergencies: Start an emergency fund for a rainy day (about 3 to 6 months’ worth of living expenses); get in the habit of regular deposits weekly, biweekly or monthly.
  • Almost done: Keep your new habits up-to-date by checking in on debt regularly, keep current on new rules and regulations by bookmarking your favourite money sites, and talk about money with your family or money group.

Now available online here.

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