Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

A hilarious romantic read with an unforgettable cast of characters.

Sophie Kinsella

Much like her bestselling Shopaholic series, this latest rom-com novel by author Sophie Kinsella doesn’t disappoint. At 33-years-old, Lottie doesn’t want to waste any time in a relationship with a boyfriend who doesn’t have immediate plans to marry. Still fresh from her breakup, she reconnects with Ben, her ex-boyfriend who she hasn’t seen in 15 years — and he instantly proposes! Can Lottie’s older sister Fliss stop their wedding before she makes a terrible mistake? And with personal problems of her own, can Fliss manage to juggle being protective sister, mother, businesswoman, and ex-wife, too?

If you’re a Kinsella fan, or in the mood for a delightfully fun and romantic read, Wedding Night is the perfect beach book this summer.

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