The Virgin Cure: Casting Call!

If Ami McKay's The Virgin Cure were a movie, we know just who we'd cast. Check out our picks and weigh in on our choices in the comments!


Mr. Dink: Peter Dinklage

Anton Yelchin

Cadet: Anton Yelchin

Elle Fanning

Alice: Elle Fanning

Bella Thorne

Mae: Bella Thorne

Shirley Henderson

Miss Edwards: Shirley Henderson


Dr. Sadie: Julianne Moore

Hailee Steinfeld

Moth: Hailee Steinfeld

Finding three young actresses to play feisty Moth and her friends in Ami McKay’s The Virgin Cure was no easy task, but we gave it our best shot and here are the results. Yes, we know Haley Steinfeld’s a tad old to play 12-year-old Moth, but given the adult situations, we figured she had to be!

What do you think of those picks and other choices for other key characters?