Seven gift ideas for the book lovers in your life

From diehard romantic to foodie, we've got great book ideas for any type of reader

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For the fashion fan: This reprint of Edith Head’s 1967 tome contains timeless inspiration and the award-winning costume designer’s original line drawings. Head, who dressed Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren, provides candid advice (“Avoid too-youthful, faddy fashions that make you look like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’”) about how to build personal style. How to Dress for Success, Edith Head, $24.

For the diehard romantic: Karen Doornebos puts a comic twist on romance a` la Jane Austen. American Chloe Parker auditions for what she thinks is a documentary but is actually a reality dating show set in 1812 England, with contestants competing to impress the wealthy, wife-seeking Mr. Wrightman — all without any modern-day conveniences. Definitely Not Mr. Darcy, Karen Doornebos, $18.

For the eccentric:
The first-time collaboration between Douglas Coupland’s imaginative writing and Graham Roumieu’s devilishly creative illustrations produces highly entertaining stories. The unique characters — including Donald the Incredibly Hostile Juice Box — are delightfully evil and will leave you laughing out loud at their impish escapades. Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People, Douglas Coupland and Graham Roumieu, $24.

For the go-getter: Bestselling biographer Walter Isaacson has written books on Einstein and Benjamin Franklin; now he focuses on the late, great Apple guru Steve Jobs. Isaacson conducted over 40 interviews with Jobs in his attempt to capture the man who changed the way we look at the world. Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson, $37.

For the crafty soul:
In her newest book, Martha Stewart showcases lush, gorgeous projects for holidays throughout the year, from Christmas-card making to Easter-egg dying. Handmade Holiday Crafts, Martha Stewart, $28.

For the photography buff: Errol Morris, who won an Academy Award for his documentary The Fog of War, explores the world of photographs in Believing Is Seeing. Each essay details how photographs are perceived, what they’re truly meant to represent and how our beliefs can actually influence what we see. Believing Is Seeing, Errol Morris, $29.

For the foodie:
In her newest book, James Beard Foundation Award–winning author Jennifer McLagan turns to the trend of making the most of meat — from nose to tail. She outlines recipes like tongue with salsa verde or oxtail ravioli to encourage food lovers to value all parts of an animal, not just the prime cuts. Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal, Jennifer McLagan, $40.

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