Loyalty by Ingrid Thoft

A PI is forced to choose between love and family.

Loyalty by Ingrid Thoft book coover

For every little girl who was a fan of Nancy Drew, Fina Ludlow is the adult counterpart you’ve been waiting for. She’s a private investigator in a family of high-powered lawyers, but that doesn’t make her feel inferior. If anything, she’s got an edge — she gets to carry a gun. She works for her father’s firm, so her professional life is continually intertwined with family time. But when her sister-in-law goes missing, things really get personal. The Ludlows are a nightmare for the cops, who’d love nothing more than to bring the conceited, powerful family to their knees — and Fina is public enemy number 1. She gamely dines with crooks to get the info she needs — and then there’s her relationship with Detective Menendez. Fina knows there’s a thin line between good and evil and has become a master at walking the tightrope — or has she?

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