Just what kind of mother are you? by Paula Daly

A daughter goes missing, and a friendship unravels.

Just what kind of mother are you? by Paula Daly book cover

When overworked mother of three Lisa Kallisto realizes that her best friend Kate’s daughter has disappeared on her watch, the seemingly ordinary lives of both mothers quickly devolve into the stuff of nightmares. While Lisa fights desper- ately to overcome her own feelings of guilt and bring Lucinda home safely, she can’t shake the growing

suspicion that Kate’s perfect family may not be so perfect after all. And when another girl vanishes, it’s clear that time may be running out. Captivating and insightful, this bone-chilling account of a mother’s descent into hell explores the parameters of love and family, desire and tragedy.

Debut novelist Paula Daly’s brilliant narrative will leave readers scram- bling to flip pages faster, yet wanting to savour every detail. By luring readers into a world in which the normal rhythm of everyday life collides with unthink- able acts of violence and betrayal, Daly shatters the illusion of an idyllic home life and rebuilds in its place a compelling commentary on the perils and pressures of motherhood. A thrilling read.

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