What it's like to eat ice cream for the first time

Feel-good Fridays: Can you remember what your first lick of ice cream was like? This adorable video reminds us that it was likely love at first taste.


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Photo, Masterfile.

Inspiration and those all too infrequent a-ha moments can come from the unlikeliest places.

On the hunt for a moment of illumination — what better way to end a long week — I’ve spent much of the morning watching videos intended to inspire people to live life to the fullest and embrace their innate nature. I watched Oprah guru, Eckhart Tolle offer some solid and practical advice on how people can get more out of life by doing less — basically, take out your earbuds and listen to the birds sing. And then I listened to a handful of celebs and thinkers such as India Arie and Maya Angelou offer their  “best advice”.

It was interesting viewing, sure. But nothing beats this adorable video (via of a baby girl getting her first taste of ice cream for overall uplift and joy.

In the 37-second video, the stroller-bound little one gets her first lick of what looks to be a vanilla waffle cone. Her reaction — a slight pause to consider this new taste and then instant bug-eyed delight — is priceless and in its sheer sweetness may make up for a week’s worth of work and domestic frustration.

For me the video offers a necessary reminder that not everything in life has to be analyzed and broken down into feelings or thoughts that then get broken down even further into motivations, etc. (I’m getting a headache just thinking about how often I reduce my day to a miserable list of worries and anxieties.) Watching the video it’s abundantly clear that life is a thing to be enjoyed. Kind of like a vanilla ice cream waffle cone.

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