Amy Millan: My perfect Saturday

Indie darling and Stars singer Amy Millan points out her favourite haunts in her adopted hometown’s charming Plateau neighbourhood

amy millan, my perfect saturday, laurier village

5. Chez Baptiste

amy millan, my perfect saturday, laurier village

4. Torréfiction

amy millan, my perfect saturday, laurier village

3. Parc Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier (Photo from IStockphoto)

amy millan, my perfect saturday, laurier village

2. Fromagerie Maître Affneur, Maître Corbeau

amy millan, my perfect saturday, laurier village

1. Pâtisserie Fous Desserts

amy millan, singer, my perfect saturday

Amy Millan

1. Pâtisserie Fous Desserts is full of delights. “I head there after my morning swim for the best croissant ever. They figured out how to make butter crispy. I don’t know how they did it but that’s what it tastes like: crispy butter.” 809 Av. Laurier E.,

2. Stock up at Fromagerie Maître Aneur, Maître Corbeau. “Behind the counter is a French man who’s grouchy and darling. He knows his cheeses and has about 150 kinds from Quebec, so I get something different every time. My current favourite is Mont Jacob.” 5101 Rue Chambord, 514-528-3293.

3. Head over to Parc Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier. “In the winter it has four skating rinks, classic Canadian scenes and lots of Habs jerseys. You can even skate between the trees. Ma belle vie!” On Av. Laurier E. between Rue de Mentana and Rue de Brébeuf.

4. Walk over to Torréfiction and pick up a movie. “Yes, I still rent films! David, who works there, always leads me to strange but excellent films that are otherwise diffcult to find.” 807 Av. Laurier E. Torré

5. Wander down to Chez Baptiste for a nightcap. “I go there to meet with friends. They make a very good mojito, and it’s one of the most relaxing places to take in the beautiful people of Montreal.” 1045 Av. du Mont-Royal E.

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