Amy Matysio: My perfect Saturday

Comedian Amy Matysio made us chuckle in Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie. Now she shares where to have a good time in her hometown of Regina

mussels, La Bodega

La Bodega

Blush Beauty Bar, long gown dress, chandelier

Blush Beauty Bar

NWL Contemporary Dresses

NWL Contemporary Dresses

Wascana Centre, winter trees

Wascana Centre

Amy Matysio

Amy Matysio (Photo by George Pimental)

1. Wrap up warm and take in some nature around the lake in Wascana Centre. “It’s such a stunning part of the city and is a refreshing way to start a crisp day.” 2900 Wascana Dr.

2. Next, it’s time to play dress-up at a highend boutique owned by Amy’s friend, Nadia Williamson. “The afternoon wouldn’t be complete without squeezing into something sparkly at NWL Contemporary Dresses
853 Hamilton St.

3. Refuel at Atlantis Coffee. “Relax in this warm environment and central location where you always run into people, and the baristas know your name,” says Amy. “The cappuccinos are killer and the baking is local.” 1992 Hamilton St.

4. Finish up with a bite at La Bodega. “This place is addictive— it’s my go-to for day or night. I have the wine list memorized and the mussels are incredible!” 2228 Albert St.