5 ways to meet your mate: Bars + clubs


5 ways to meet your mate

Get the skinny on dating options that could work for you

By Leigh Felesky
First published in’s January 2003 issue.
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Bars + clubs

From the beginning, guys have been putting on their best cologne and women have been zipping up their hottest outfits for excursions to bars and clubs. We all know the drill: pick-up lines, dancing and plenty of drinks.

The lure
You find these establishments on every corner. If you’re looking for dancing–especially contact dancing–consider a salsa, country or R & B club. For conversation, go to a pub. Cost: cover charges for clubs vary from around $10 to 12. In cities, many salsa clubs offer lessons for around $5 to 10.

The hook

It’s all about judgment and luck. I met a guy in a club and plan to marry him this summer, two years later. He was on vacation and having some fun. It wouldn’t have mattered where I met him, he was adorable and perfect for me.

The snags

Bad pick-up lines and the danger of too much alcohol. Use your judgment.

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