12 things our office is buzzing about this week

From cronut burgers to festival fashions to the results of fat-shaming. Here are a few of the things that the Chatelaine team is talking about this week.

The Cronut burger from EPIC Burgers and Waffels 400

The Cronut burger from EPIC Burgers and Waffles

The cronut is the latest food fad in town and now it’s taking an even weirder twist. Will you be trying these new burgers at the Toronto CNE this summer?

It seems the police aren’t the only people using handcuffs – is 50 Shade of Grey to blame?

Not that we don’t love to pair a great bottle of wine with a delicious dinner, but sometimes you just need something, cheap, cheerful and comforting that will go perfectly with popcorn.


Need to know now

We can’t believe it’s already August! The means wedding season is still in full swing, so we were thrilled when we found the answer to that age-old question: how much should you spend on a gift?

Can we really get rid of online porn? Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has decided he’s going to try.

A new kind of relationship: monogamy – commitment + sex. Is this a formula that works for you?

Check out these chic adults holding pics of the dorky kids they used to be in the Awkward Years Project.


Look and feel your best

Are you looking for something fabulous to wear to your next festival? Try these six fun fashions from our very own style team!

This amazing ingredient is delicious and can help fight PMS!

Schedule some snuggle time with your partner this long weekend. It may be the secret to a better relationship and lower blood pressure.

You could be one click away from crazy! Find out why.

Are you tired of that skinny friend who always makes snarky comments about losing weight? Us too! So we’re thrilled to share this new research. Fat-shaming is a form of bullying and it needs to stop!