How tech-savvy are you? 10 things you may not know, but should

What grade would you get for your tech expertise? Apparently Canadians think they know way more than they do.

How tech savvy are you?

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Canadians are among the highest adopters of technology in the world, but a Rogers Communications survey shows they vastly overestimate their tech savviness and are eager to know more. According to the survey, 60 percent of Canadians gave themselves a ‘B’ grade or higher for their tech expertise. When put to the test, only four per cent achieved a ‘B’ grade and struggled to answer questions on roaming, data usage and online safety.

How many of these did you know already?

1. When shopping online a small lock icon on your browser’s status bar and “https” on the front of your address bar will give you a more secure internet connection.

2. The term ‘roaming’ means using another carrier’s network.

3. A phone with a poor quality camera uses less data to send original-sized photos than a phone with a higher quality camera.

4. If you check email and open attachments while outside of your carrier’s network you roaming charges will apply.

5. Text messages are separate from your data allotment.

6. Checking email and opening attachments while outside of your carrier’s network will result in a roaming charge.

7. Email, browsing the net, GSP via an app, visual voicemail and BlackBerry Messenger all use mobile data.

8. Roaming isn’t applied if calling your carrier via 611.

9. When using someone else’s Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, your device’s security settings and special security software will determine how safe you are while on their network.

10. When using your mobile device at home via Wi-Fi, your home’s monthly internet allotment is used instead of your mobile data plan.

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