10 glee clubs to satisfy the singer in you

Adult choirs that you can join for your singing pleasure

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David Niddrie

What: Amateur Glee-esque singing groups (like Toronto’s Choir! Choir! Choir!).

Why: Remember how it felt to sing Pat Benatar with a carload of friends? That. Enjoy singing en masse, but not in the biblical sense? That too.

The Scene: Skinny jeans and guys with beards replace school uniforms. Songs by Abba, Sloan and Wham! shove choral music aside. These contemporary choirs meet weekly to remind members of the simple, sweet, restorative joy that comes with singing (without the cringe-worthy spotlight of karaoke). They’re cropping up all over the country and on Global TV’s Canada Sings!, premiering in August. Find one near you and take your voice out of the shower. It’s worth it for the endorphin boost alone.


1. Glee camp, Vancouver

Sara Zacharias, seasoned community performer, leads a troupe made up largely of high school and university students, and a truck driver. Members compete in auditions and 12 lucky vocalists make it through to be a part of the Glee Camp Show Choir.

Price: Monthly membership $75 per month, summer camp, one for teens and another for adults (20 and up), $295.

2. Sing City Show Choir Vancouver

All ages, family experience of singing upbeat pop songs, featuring Sing City Weekend retreats — this year in Gabriola Island.

Price: $220-$275 a year.

3. Vancouver’s Elektra Women’s Choir

Based in Vancouver, including a wide variety of ages, this female-empowering group sings music written specifically for women and has competed in various festivals and shows.

Price: $238 a year.

4. Barrie’s Bravado Show Choir

Formed in 1996, the choir performs everything from classical ensembles to modern pop rock in two shows a year.

Price: $150 per 6 months.

5. Winnipeg Glee Club

Mostly composed of students or young adults who perform at benefit fundraisers.

Price: Free.

6. Hart House Chorus, University of Toronto

Made up of over 50 singing-mad students, alumni and faculty.

Price: Free.

7. Toronto Youth Music Theatre Company, Adult division

A first come, first served, show choir open to all adults. Designed to provide the Glee experience, some training with seasoned professionals is included, and no audition is necessary.

Price: $300 for seven

8. KW Glee, Kitchener-Waterloo

Comprised of two outstanding show choirs that perform live in the area. One choir is made up of all-girls and the other is a mixed group, both of which were conceptualized by musical director Steve Lehmann and voice director Amanda Kind, inspired by the television series, Glee.

Price: Free.

9. University of Waterloo, Ontario
Students of the University of Waterloo make up five different fun a cappella groups known as The Quartet, the AcaBellas, The Unaccompanied Minors, the UW A Capella Ensemble, and Water Boys.

Price: Free.

10. Quebec Celebration Gospel Choir

Sing mostly English/American gospel songs, as well as a few in French, this group has put out an album and travelled for competitions.

Price: $5 per rehearsal.


Listings by Martha Beach, Kristina Gutauskas and Brittany Mahaney.

If you know about a choir that’s not on this list, please share it with us by leaving a comment below.