Kind Cycle

Anna posted positive comments on to friends' Facebook pages

Intern Anna Redman spread some holiday cheer by posting friendly and encouraging comments to friends' Facebook accounts.

Anna, posting positive notes to her friends Facebook pages.

Who are you: Anna Redman, Chatelaine intern.

What was your kindness deed: I posted nice, encouraging and appreciative comments on my friends’ Facebook pages.

Why did you want to do this: I think it’s nice to tell people when they’ve done something amazing, to encourage them or to let them know they are important to you. Everyone likes to feel valued.

How did it make you feel: I was glad I could bring a smile to someone’s face through a very small act of kindness. People seemed to appreciate the gesture and most of them went out of their way to thank me when all I did was post a few kind words.

Anna Redman Facebook, Chatelaine #kindcycleAnna Redman Facebook, Chatelaine #kindcycleAnna Redman Facebook, Chatelaine #kindcycle


Click here for ways to spread holiday cheer and tag your own photos on Facebook and Twitter with #kindcycle @chatelainemag — we’d love to see them! For information on the KindCycle and more ways to get involved starting January, click here.