Kind Cycle

Dominique mailed a Christmas card to a stranger

The hope is that small acts of compassion between strangers can make the world a better place

Dominique Lamberton mailing Christmas card, Editorial Assistant, KindCycle

Dominique mailing a Christmas card to a stranger

Who are you: Dominique Lamberton, Editorial Assistant

What was your kindness deed: I mailed a holiday greeting card to a random person who I found listed in the phonebook.

Why did you want to do this: Everyone could benefit from a little more kindness. Imagine what the world would be like if small acts of compassion were exchanged everyday between strangers . . . I think it would be a pretty happy place!

How did it make you feel: It was exciting to purchase the card, write the message, select my random recipient and send it off. I won’t get to witness the person’s reaction, but I hope it brightens their day — and knowing that it might makes mine a bit brighter too!
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