Kind Cycle

Jacki made a blood donation

Our production art assistant takes the time to go donate blood. One donation can help save up to 4 people.


Jacki donated blood as a kindness deed.

Who are you: Jacki Slovitt, Production Art Assistant

What was your kindness deed: Donating blood

Why did you want to do this: This is something I’ve been doing since I was eligible at age 17. I’ve always felt it’s such an easy way to help out many other people. One donation can save up to 4 lives!

How did it make you feel: To be honest, it made me feel a little bit dizzy, but it was totally worth it for the free cookies afterwards.

How did they respond: While you never get to meet the people using your donation, the staff are always very greatful for your help and treat you like a hero every time.


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