Kind Cycle

Heather gave a big tip to waitstaff

Restaurant servers often have to work through the holidays in a busy and stressful environment, so Heather wanted to do something nice for them

Heather McMullin, Chatelaine, #kindcycle, giving a big tip to waitstaff

Heather spreading the holiday cheer with a generous tip

Who are you: Heather MacMullin, Chatelaine Intern

What was your kindness deed: I left a nice note and big tip for my server.

Why did you want to do this: It’s such a busy time for people working in the restaurant industry – and they often have to work through the holidays. I wanted to spread some cheer by showing extra appreciation, particularly since my friends and I had such a good time.

How did it make you feel: Doing something to add a little sparkle to someone’s day feels great. I used to work in a restaurant, and can remember how nice small, friendly gestures like that were – particularly if it had been a busy, stressful day.

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