Kind Cycle

Janet delivered presents to underprivileged kids

Janet and her friend Gillian went door-to-door delivering presents. Find out how the parents and their kids responded.

Janet Ho, Online Lifestyle Editor, delievers presents to kids #kindcycle

Janet delivering Santa Claus Fund presents

Who are you: Janet Ho, Online Lifestyle Editor, and my friend Gillian Chassels

What was your kindness deed: I delivered gifts to underprivileged kids through Toronto Star’s Santa Claus Fund program.

Why did you want to do this: Gillian is a regular volunteer and when she told me about the program, I thought it was so great. It takes little effort to make someone’s life a little bit better.  We donated our time (plus Gillian’s gas money) and were able to better some kids’ Christmases.

How did it make you feel: It made me feel grateful that I have the privileges that I do, and to be in the position that I can give back. I met other volunteers who really dedicate a lot of their time to help different communities. The experience was humbling and I wanted to do more. It also made me feel good to be involved in a community project.

How did they respond:  They opened their doors with smiling and grateful faces. Everyone thanked us and wished us a Merry Christmas.

Gillian Chassels delivering presents to kids #kindcycle

Gillian with her stack of Santa Claus Fund Christmas presents

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