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Creme brulee with popping candy and mint on top


Firecracker crème brûlée

Popping candy — that novelty childhood sweet — is making a mature comeback on dessert menus across the country, bringing its celebratory tendencies to doughnuts, macarons, cookies and chocolates. The secret to its pop is pure science. It’s made by cooling down molten sugar in the presence of pressurized carbon dioxide, which traps the gas inside the sugar. Eating the candy releases the CO2 with a satisfying crackle. Fun fact: Popping candy won’t melt when it comes in contact with fats and oils, which makes it ideal for adding to such dreamy desserts as this luscious crème brûlée.

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Glazed Chai Loaf Cake with slice cut off


Glazed Chai Loaf Tea Cake

Milky, fragrant and extra-warming with its infinitely customizable blend of spices, masala chai hits all the high notes of comfort food. Try a double hit at your next at-home tea time with one of our editor’s family recipes for masala chai and this loaf that concentrates the spicy-sweet flavours in a dense, moist and totally dippable tea cake.