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Lab Shanks in white dutch oven pot


Nigella Lawson's lamb shanks with dates and pomegranate molasses

Rich, sumptuous, and celebratory, this is a real feast of a stew. The dark, molasses-like dates melt into what becomes a deep, intense gravy, but they don’t overwhelm it with sweetness; the heady sourness of pomegranate molasses keeps it all in fragrant check. But if, when you taste it at the end of its cooking time, you feel you want a bit more acerbity, just squeeze in a little lime juice.

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Glazed Chai Loaf Cake with slice cut off


Glazed Chai Loaf Tea Cake

Milky, fragrant and extra-warming with its infinitely customizable blend of spices, masala chai hits all the high notes of comfort food. Try a double hit at your next at-home tea time with one of our editor’s family recipes for masala chai and this loaf that concentrates the spicy-sweet flavours in a dense, moist and totally dippable tea cake.