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Jamie Oliver's Spanish-Style Griddled Steak

Jamie Oliver's Spanish-Style Griddled Steak

This is just a delicious, simple combination of great steaks, with all their fantastic juices, given a slightly Spanish twist using paprika and grilled chillies and peppers. Lovely served with a nice refreshing dollop of crème fraîche, the meat is also wonderful served just on its own. It's also good inside some pita bread with salad, or with some rice. (This recipe has not been tested by the Chatelaine Test Kitchen.)

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Glazed Chai Loaf Cake with slice cut off


Glazed Chai Loaf Tea Cake

Milky, fragrant and extra-warming with its infinitely customizable blend of spices, masala chai hits all the high notes of comfort food. Try a double hit at your next at-home tea time with one of our editor’s family recipes for masala chai and this loaf that concentrates the spicy-sweet flavours in a dense, moist and totally dippable tea cake.