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Ottolenghi's roasting-pan ragu in brown bowl on marbled white surface


The Ultimate Roasting-Pan Ragu

In our mission to create the best meatless ragù, enough versions were made to sink a large ship (Ixta nearly lost her will to live, but that has happened once or twice before). There’s no denying the list of ingredients is long, but these are all here to give the ragù its fantastic umaminess. The method, however, could not be simpler. If you have a food processor, the first six ingredients can all be pulsed in it until finely chopped, saving you lots of time and effort. Thank you to Emily Moore and Josh Renaut, who tirelessly took home every single version of this ragù to give their thoughtful feedback as recent converts to veganism. —Excerpted from 'Flavor,' by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage

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Ottolenghi's super soft zucchini with harissa and lemon on speckled white plate


Super-Soft Zucchini With Harissa And Lemon

Zucchini, strictly speaking, aren’t controversial, but they do tend to get a pretty lukewarm reaction from many, including, regrettably, two of our test-kitchen colleagues. The reason for this is probably zucchini’s high water content, which tends to make them, well, watery. There are plenty of ways to combat this—frying and grilling are two examples—but we actually use it to our advantage here, cooking the zucchini slowly in their own juices, making them fantastically soft and enhancing their flavour by a long soak with fried garlic. (And in the process, we also managed to win over our two zucchini-iffy colleagues, we’re happy to announce.) —Excerpted from 'Flavor,' by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage