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Almond Butter And Jam Breakfast Bars

I love a good crumb bar, and this recipe is the breakfast equivalent. These bars feel decadent, but you can tell from the mostly whole- some ingredients list that they are anything but. I like to serve them to the kids with a smoothie when I’m in a hurry, or on their own as something to take on the go. While I use jam in this recipe, sliced or fresh berries scattered over the bottom layer of the bar will work as well. They are easiest to cut once chilled and store exceptionally well in the refrigerator and freezer.

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Cheddar and potato perogies recipe. Maureen Halushak, Editor in Chief.


Cheddar & Potato Perogies

I don’t have many ties to the Ukrainian side of my family aside from food. I took over the job of making these perogies from my mom a few years ago, and have been trying to max out the cheese-to-potato ratio ever since. — Maureen Halushak, Editor-in-Chief.