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Whiz bang! How to make your own holiday crackers

Add a bang to your dinner party this holiday season with festive, easy-to-make Christmas crackers.

Add a festive and fun element to your holiday table with these DIY Christmas crackers. Fill them with fun trinkets and chocolate so your guests go home with a little holiday token. All you need is some pretty wrapping paper and toilet paper rolls to get started.

You’ll need:

Wrapping paper in 6″ x 12″ rectangles
Glue gun
Cracker snaps
Toilet paper rolls

1. Glue toilet paper roll to the wrapping paper.
2. Slide cracker snap through roll.
3. Glue the ends of the cracker snap to the paper.
4. Roll and secure the top with glue.
5. Tie ribbon around one end of the cracker.
6. Fill with prizes.
7. Tie ribbon on the other end.

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