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How to find the right stool for your kitchen: 4 tips

Chair stool, counter stool, or bar stool? Ask yourself these questions when deciding what will work best with your decor.

white kitchen, Viking stove, Modernica stools, marble countertops

Photo, Alison Dyer and Teri Lyn Fisher.

1. What height should my stools be?

First, measure the height of your counters. The general rule is to leave from nine to 13 inches between the counter and the seat.

There are three main types of seating:

• chair stools, which are generally 18 inches from the floor

• counter stools, which are generally 24 to 26 inches from the floor

• bar stools, which are generally 28 to 30 inches from the floor

2. How many stools can I fit?

Allow about five inches between stools. This amount should be increased if the stools swivel.

3. How will the stools be used?

Consider who will be sitting in the stools and how much time will be spent in them. Stools with backs provide added comfort and support for young children and older guests. They’re also great for extended meals and those all-night kitchen parties. Take into account how sturdy the stools are, especially if young children will be climbing onto them; choose an option that won’t easily tip over.

4. What style of stool do I want?

Opt for a stool that complements the style of your kitchen. An all-white modern kitchen might benefit from a dose of warm wood, while a black kitchen would look great with a shot of bright colour. If the stools are located in a busy, high-traffic area, consider a less obstructive, backless option that can tuck completely away when not in use.


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