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The Chatelaine Home Collection is back!

Introducing our new duvet and pillow collection. We've used the highest quality fill, Canadian Hutterite White Down, to bring you warm, light and puffy bedding.

In November we launched the Chatelaine Home Collection with our friends at The Shopping Channel and now we’re back with Canadian Hutterite duvets and pillows.

Chatelaine Home Collection Canadian Hutterite Goose Feather & Down Duvet Pillows and Hutterite White Down Duvet. Photo, Sian Richards

The duvets and pillows are made with one of the highest quality fills, Canadian Hutterite White Down, which is farmed by Hutterites in Western Canada.

Hutterite Farm

The quality of the down is one of the highest in the world because the ducks and geese it comes from have fully matured, making the down warmer, lighter and puffier. Geese Hutterite

The duvet shell is made from 100 percent cotton sateen and has a 400-thread count and is filled with 800 Fill Power Down. The pillow is filled with white goose feather in the centre, making the pillow firm and supportive. It is surrounded by white down which keeps it feeling soft and luxurious on the outside.

Photo, Sian Richards

Photo, Sian Richards


You can get your Chatelaine Home Collection Canadian Hutterite duvets and pillows on The Shopping Channel.