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Have a small kitchen? Here's how to keep it clutter-free

There's never enough counter space — but that's especially true in a small kitchen. The solution: clever storage tricks.

Keep your counters free of appliances with our six handy tips below. (Photo, Erik Putz.)

Follow our six handy tips below for functional and clutter-free countertops. (Photo, Erik Putz.)

A small kitchen means limited space to store your appliances and prep food. Here are six items that let you creatively store the things you need on daily basis in order to maximize counter and drawer space.

1. Cutting board Ditch the portable cutting board and try one that latches onto the edges of countertops so it fits in seamlessly with your existing counter, maximizing space.

small kitchen ideas

Countertop Hardwood Cutting Board, $104, The Home Depot.

2. Hanging pot rack Store things in places you wouldn’t normally consider such as the ceiling. Not only does this rack act as a beautiful centrepiece for your kitchen, it’s practical too.

Pot Rack, $190, Lowe's.

Pot Rack, $190, Lowe’s.

3. Magnetic knife rack Keep your knives on display by mounting a magnetic knife rack to the wall. It’s efficient and stylish.

small kitchen ideas

Magnetic Knife Rack, $92, Williams-Sonoma.

4. Stove-top coffee maker Espresso makers take up a lot of counter space, which is why we love stove-top coffee makers: They look great sitting on the stove, even when they’re not being used.

Small kitchen ideas

Espresso Maker, $160, Hudson’s Bay.

5. Storage holders Use glass jars to store dry necessity items such as rice and pasta that may not fit in your pantry. They look great lined up on a shelf or the counter. Free up drawer space with a vintage ceramic jug and matching salt box to keep your most-used utensils and seasonings in easy reach.

Montana Acacia and Glass Jars, from $23, Crate & Barrel

Utensil and Salt Holder, Glass Jars, from $23, Crate & Barrel.

6. Small shelf If you have room, install a small shelf to free up pantry space and hold your most used spices and seasonings or favourite cookbook. We like this one because you can hang hooks from it to hold tea towels or mugs.

small kitchen ideas

Wall Shelf, $20, Ikea.

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