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10 mistakes to avoid when decorating a small bedroom

Outfitting small spaces can be tricky — we've got you covered with tips for achieving the (petite) room of your dreams.

Mistake 1: Ignoring the corners.
Use the corners of your bedroom to create more storage. A corner hanging bar such as the one below can be used for sweaters or blankets.

Corner Hanging Bar, $50, CB2.

Mistake 2: Buying furniture that doesn’t have a dual purpose.
Invest in a bed that has storage underneath or a desk that folds against the wall to maximize space effectively. This simple and practical storage bed frame is from West Elm.

Pivot Storage Bed Frame, From $1300, West Elm

Pivot Storage Bed Frame, from $1,300, West Elm.

Mistake 3: Putting something on the floor when it could be attached to a wall.
Mount lamps and floating shelves to the wall and save floor space. We love these swing lamps from onefortythree.

Hard-wired swing-arm lamp, $95, onefortythree.

Mistake 4: Forgetting a mirror.
Mirrors open up a space and make a room feel a lot bigger and filled with light. They can also act as a piece of art.

small bedroom ideas

(Photo, Sian Richards.)

Mistake 5: Keeping everything on display.
A small space can easily look cluttered. Opt for cabinets that have doors, or store things in baskets along a bookshelf for a clean, streamlined look. Select only certain things you want to display and show them off on a simple display shelf.

Wooden Circle Wall Shelf, $129, Urban Outfitters.

Wooden Circle Wall Shelf, $129, Urban Outfitters.

Mistake 6: Painting all of your walls white.
Now is your chance to get creative! Choose a wall in your bedroom to paint a bold accent colour or to cover with wallpaper. This will add character to your small space. Don’t be afraid to choose furniture and fabric with more personality.

(Photo, Sian Richards.)

Mistake 7: Thinking bedside tables are necessary.
Look for a headboard with storage instead. This one from Ikea has shelving attached to it.

Mandal Headboard, $170, Ikea.

Mistake 8: Using heavy curtains that take up floor space.
Use roman blinds in your small bedroom for a clean, soft look.

(Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

(Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

Mistake 9: Not using the space at the foot of your bed. 
You’ll quickly find this is a perfect place for storage. Use a decorative trunk to stow extra sheets and pillows.

small bedroom ideas

Bengal Trunk, $230, Pier1 Imports

Mistake 10: Thinking that a small bedroom can’t be stylish or functional.
In a way, small spaces make it even easier to add your own style to a room. You’ve got limited space but ample opportunity to get creative. Happy small bedroom decorating!

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