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7 tips for displaying beautiful art at home

Hanging art can be daunting. Christine Flynn, artist and owner of Love the Design, makes it easy with these great ideas.

How to display art Photo, Sian Richards2

Chandelier, mirror, table, Love the Design. Chairs, Ikea. Chair cushions, Pehr Designs. Wicker basket, West Elm. Gun art, James Georgopoulos (Photo, Sian Richards.)

The fun thing about hanging art in your home is that there are no real rules. Make your space entirely unique and individual by deciding what you’re going to hang, and where, with these great tips from Christine Flynn to get you started.

1. Display what you love. From family photos, vintage prints, original artwork, 3-D objects and your children’s drawings, don’t be afraid to mix mediums and display personal pieces, even if they don’t match.

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Table, chairs, Love the Design. Candlesticks, Home Sense. Rug, Ikea. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

2. Create space with a mirror. Consider using a huge mirror to act as a work of art. It will make the space feel incredibly bigger.


How to display art Photo, Sian Richards3

Antler hook, dresser, vase, Love the Design. Mirror, Guff Furniture. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

3. Repurpose furniture to work for you. Create an eclectic look by mixing different styles of pieces, like this formal gilt-framed mirror set on a rustic dresser with missing pulls.


How to display art Photo, Sian Richards4

Paint, Benjamin Moore. Desk lamp, Ikea. Stools, Machine Age Modern. Marble Countertop, Caledonia Marble. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

4. Elevate utilitarian spaces with art. Functional spaces can, and should be, beautiful as well. Try adding photographs or paintings above a desk in your home. This photograph is mounted on a two- inch-thick wood panel that has been coated with heavy resin, distressed and finished with a piece of yellow tape.


How to display art Photo, Sian Richards5

Dressers, Love the Design. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

5. Focus on a unifying theme. By choosing art that repeats a single theme ­— here, it’s the female form ­— a gallery effect is achieved. For an eclectic look like this one, try picking different frames, artists and dimensions of pieces.


How to display art Photo, Sian Richards6

Cushions, mirror, lighting, Love the Design. Bedding, The Bay. Throw, Tuck Shop Trading Co. Headboard, Home Sense. Curtains, West Elm. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

6. Break the rules. In general, art should be hung at eye level but try hanging art lower on the wall like Christine has done here, to create a more cozy feel.


How to display art Photo, Sian Richards8

Antlers, floor lamp, cushions, Love the Design. Sofa, Style Garage. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

7. Draw the eye upward with art groupings. Hanging art higher on a wall accentuates the ceiling height. To add dimension to the space, try layering in a sculptural element.


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