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Schedule time to relax and disconnect

Treat yourself to a technology-free afternoon, and clear out mental clutter with these tips and techniques.


Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Congrats on getting your bedroom, bathroom and office clean, tidy and ready for the new season! Don’t forget to share your photos with us with #cluttercure on Pinterest and Twitter. Today’s assignment could be a tricky one… your task is to go offline and disconnect from the virtual world. Because part of the Clutter Cure challenge is to clear out that mental clutter, too. So, take some time away from technology. You choose the amount of time you want to dedicate — 1 hour, half day, full day — from the TV, computer, tablet, and smartphone. Spend this time relaxing and appreciating the results of all your efforts over the month. Here are some ways you can de-stress even further:

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