So Long, Halloween Pumpkins ... Hello, Jack-O-Pineapples, Watermelons And Cantaloupes?

You don't need a pumpkin to carve up a jack-'o-lantern anymore

It’s officially Halloween season, which means it’s finally acceptable to pick up a knife and carve the heck out of a bright orange gourd. But if you’re looking to up your jack-o’-lanterns game this October, pass over the pumpkins and pick another fruit or veggie to transform.


Over the past few years, pineapples have become a popular alternative to the classic pumpkin. Stop worrying about whether or not these tropical fruits are passé — they look adorable when set aglow.


For something with a little more surface area, try a watermelon. It might be tricky to scoop out the interior, but it’d be a tasty task to tackle. Watermelon jack-o’-lanterns look great next to their pumpkin brethren (green and orange are contrasting colours after all).

When you can't find a pumpkin… #watermelonlantern #halloween 🎃

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Play around with your watermelon lantern—like these creative carvers who made theirs into all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


This orange-on-the-inside melon will give you a subtle hint of colour if you choose to give it the jack-o’-lanterns treatment this Halloween.


It’d be pretty tough to make a traditional-looking jack-o’-lanterns with an avocado, but avo-artist Danielle Barresi has managed to make everyone’s favourite green fruit a little spookier with her intricate carvings.


Put your knife skills to the test and up your stuffed pepper game for a super festive Halloween meal. Don’t worry if your filling oozes out — your meal will just look extra disgusting, which is kind of the point this time of year.

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