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10 pets lounging in beautiful interiors that will give you the warm fuzzies

Proof that a sassy dog, cat or bunny always adds panache to your decor.

What’s better than looking at cute animals relaxing in beautiful spaces? Not much. We dove into the Chatelaine archives and rounded up our favourite shots starring our four-legged friends.

_0001_Pets on furniture2

Photo, Sian Richards.

1. Grumpy pup in a sweater. Dinner isn’t ready, hence the frown.

_0000_Pets on furniture3

Photo, Erik Putz.

2. Pug in a basket. The greatest accessory since throw blankets.

_0002_Pets on furniture1

Photo, Sian Richards.

3. Cat lounging in the living room. Dark hardwood floors plus a white cat equals the perfect pairing.

_0003_Pets on furniture 10

Photo, Sian Richards.

4. Entryway hound. Helping you get out the door since ’09.

_0008_Pets on furniture 5

Photo, Kim Christie.

5. Cat contemplating life on the counter. Because is there any better place to do this?

_0007_Pets on furniture 6

Photo, Sian Richards.

6. The dog and the mod-style chair. This canine knows style.

_0005_Pets on furniture 8

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

7. The dog with the sweetest mug. Who wouldn’t want to greet this face as they come downstairs?

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

8. Spot the coordinating cat. So stealth.

_0009_Pets on furniture 4

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

9. When your dog matches the rug, you know your decor is on point.

_0006_Pets on furniture 7

Photo, Sian Richards.

10. The welcome home bunny. Because life is better when there’s a rabbit to greet you at the door.

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