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Make a decorative diorama for a shelf or mantel

Try this quick and easy project and turn a glass vase into a diorama

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Michael Alberstat

We were inspired by the Victorian love of terrariums when we created this nature-based still life. To assemble, cut a piece of foam (available at craft stores) a bit smaller than the mouth of your vase. Plant a branch into the foam and secure with hot glue if necessary. Cover the base with moss and add birds, butterflies, nests and pine cones, then place the vase over it. Switch up the arrangement to show off seashells, driftwood or any items you love to collect.

Tip: Choose a vase with a wide, flat base.

Get the look: Vase, Dollarama.com. Foam, moss, bird, miniature nest, feather balls, crayola modelling clay (for eggs), Michaels.com. Table, art, Homesense.ca. Paint, Frostine, Benjaminmoore.com.