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5 smart ways to organize your kitchen waste for ease and minimal stink

Tips from a pro on keeping your kitchen waste in line.

Here’s the thing about kitchen waste — it’s usually everything you don’t want it to be: smelly, unorganized and messy. How do you keep it organized in a small space? And what about keeping your compost from stinking? We enlisted cleaning virtuoso Melissa Maker from Clean My Space to spill her expert tips:

1. Pick a container. “You don’t need a huge garbage bin if you’re also recycling and composting,” says Melissa. “If you have the space, keep all the containers side by side to make appropriate disposal easier.” Don’t have room for side-by-side storage? Try the Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem, which put garbage, recyclables and compostables in one compact container.

Joseph Joseph® IntelligentWaste® Totem 60 Liter Trash Separation:Recycling Unit in Stone Bed Bath & Beyond

This can separates compost, garbage and recycling all in one unit.

2. Create a system. “Ask yourself these questions when setting up a system: Does it look nice? Does it conceal the garbage? Is it going to be difficult to clean up if something spills?” says Melissa. Here are 15 trash can options to inspire you.

Umbra, black and copper can, Umbra onyx trash can, Amara green trash can

From left to right: $40, Kitchen Stuff Plus. $5, Umbra. $107, Amara.

3. Deodorize. Melissa suggests crumpling up a piece of newspaper and placing it at the bottom of your garbage bag whenever you change it. It will act as a sponge to absorb moisture.

4. Reduce needless waste. This may seem like an obvious tip, but there are a few easy things you can do to lower the amount of garbage that’s going into your trash can. “Put a note on your mailbox asking your mail carrier not to deliver unaddressed junk mail, and buy in bulk to reduce excess packaging,” says Melissa. Use glass jars with labels to store your bulk items.


5. Turn your compost into food for your garden. Melissa recommends The Food Cycler, which turns food scraps into garden fertilizer. It’s eco-friendly, cost effective, keeps your compostables odourless and also helps your garden bloom. $399, nofoodwaste.com.

The Food Cycler composter

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