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Interior designer Michael Bruno's home decor tips

The design expert shares his tips on home trends, statement pieces and what to spend with $1000

Michael Bruno

The Interior Design Show opens on January 26 (and runs to the 29th) and in anticipation of what is known as Canada’s largest contemporary design fair, we spoke to some of the top talent in home decor about what inspires them, their best tips and the hottest trends to look out for this year.

Q: If someone had $1000 to spend on a home, where do you suggest they spend it?
A: I would suggest donating $1000 to your local animal shelter! Adopt a dog or cat because there is nothing better than a loyal friend waiting for you at the door.

Q: $10,000?
A: I would recommend purchasing one great piece you’ll see every day, that makes you smile and you’ll keep for a lifetime.

Q: What big statement making pieces are people buying now? Has it changed?
A: People are putting their resources into Fine Art. The proliferation of art fairs and online access to great art has increased the exposure and heightened the interest for design-conscious consumers. I believe the most important rule here is to buy the best piece you can afford.

Q: Do you see a trend in the types of things people are buying?
That trend can be summed up in one word: unique. People want to own things that are truly special and that they won’t see elsewhere.