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How to recover a lampshade: Six easy steps

Give a dated lamp a new look in as little as 20 minutes

Pink and white lampshade in kid's room on white desk

Roberto Caruso

Get this look: Lamp, Goodwill. Fabric, Designerfabrics.ca. Fabric glue, Michaels. Desk, chair, accessories, Pottery Barn Kids. Wallpaper, Mystique, Graham&Brown.

You need: Newspaper, tape, marker, scissors, fabric, fabric glue, ribbon (optional).


1. Lay the shade on a sheet of newspaper, with the seam of the shade at the edge of the paper. Tape paper onto shade.

2. Roll the shade along the paper, while marking the edges of the shade.


3. Cut out a template, leaving 1 in. of space beyond each edge.

4. Lay template on fabric and cut out shape.


5. Use fabric glue to stick fabric onto shade.

6. Trim edges. Apply a bead of fabric glue on the inside of the shade. Fold edges over. Embellish with ribbon if you like.