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How to hide your TV with paint

OK, I love the slim lines of a flat screen TV, but that black rectangle hanging on a wall can be a real eye sore. Not if you pick the right paint colour.

First things first, apologies, loyal home readers. I had every intention of posting during the Christmas/New Year’s break but I found myself in cottage country with no internet. (Yes, really, no internet!). After spending two days packing, driving, parking and shuttle-bussing, me, my two kids, husband, three suitcases and one stroller back and forth to the airport only to find our flights canceled, we gave up hope of visiting my stepdad in New York and headed for my sister’s cottage, where I was left digital-less.

I’m making up for my lack on communication with a killer tip from my friend Shirley Meisels (MhouseInc). If, like me, you find the look of a plasma or LED TV hanging on a wall a little less than inspiring, try painting that wall, (or even the whole room if you dare) a dark blue/black colour. My sister took Shirley’s advice and look at the beautiful results:


She chose Beautitone (Home Hardware’s paint line) Posh. It is simply stunning. That black rectangle just disappears. Of course it helps that the whole room is flooded with natural light during the day and has beautiful windows, but I think that even in a more generic room, this tone is truly splendid.


A grey sofa, black and white cowhide and lots and lots of blue and green throw pillows complete the look nicely.


And contrary to popular belief, a dark colour does not make a room look smaller- I saw this room when it was painted white and let me tell you that the new hue adds a feeling of depth and space that I had not anticipated.

What do you think? Could you live with this dark colour?

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