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How to create a salon wall in 6 steps

The perfect salon wall is a mix of styles and art mediums. We show you how to build one with these tips.

Salon walls are a great opportunity to mix styles and mediums in one place. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

1. Start with the biggest piece 
Place your largest piece of art first. Pro tip: hang it slightly off-centre.

2. Vary frame styles
A variety of mats and frames keeps the look eclectic.

3. Mix in objects
To avoid a flat display, hang 3-D pieces like antlers, signs or display letters.

4. Use art that jolts
Add interest with a piece that stands out from the others.

5. Add small artworks
Build out from your big piece of art with smaller items.

6. Don’t worry about making it perfect
Spacing can differ between artworks.

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