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How To Create A Plant-Filled Oasis In Your Home — For Under $100

House plants are expensive, but decorating with them doesn't have to be. Here are some fun DIY ways to get lush greenery into your space.

This week, in our Youtube video series The Home Primp, we set out to add more texture and colour to a guest bedroom using house plants — without spending a lot of money.

The challenge:

This room was updated in last Home Primp episode, but it was still missing a final touch — greenery! Plants are so important to a freshly decorated space, but often come with a hefty price tag. The key is sticking to smaller succulents (which generally retail at $2-$6 a plant) and finding fun and clever ways of displaying them so even the small ones stand out in a room.

The house plants makeover process:

Home Editor Alexandra Gater took on some DIY projects to create fun ways of displaying house plants. From a midcentury modern planter (that cost $9 to DIY!), planting a small succulent in a decorative egg cup to a hanging planter, she shows you gorgeous (and inexpensive) ways to display your greenery.

How much we spent:


Watch the full transformation above.

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