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How to create a welcoming entryway

Set the mood of your abode and welcome guests with a warm and inviting entryway — all it takes are a few key accessories.


Photo, Sian Richards.

Sometimes it’s the small details that really transform a space. For example, fresh flowers placed on an entryway console table can instantly uplift the senses. Here are three of our must-haves for a great entryway.

1. Mirror

A full-length mirror comes in handy, so you can do a last check before you walk out the door.

2. Console table

Keep all those loose belongings — mail and keys — in a tray or pretty box on top of a console table. Don’t have room for a table? Install a floating shelf instead.

3. Doormat

Catch all that outside dirt on a doormat or carpet runner, so it doesn’t enter your home — it’s a good way to cut down on cleaning time later!

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