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Give yourself a happiness boost for Let's Colour Week!

Colour can affect our happiness and well-being. To get in the spirit of the event, I've gathered a few tips from Dulux Paint on how to get started.

This week is Let’s Colour Week, which celebrates colour and how it affects our happiness and well-being! I’ve gathered a few tips from Dulux Paint on how to get into the spirit of the event:

1. Pick a room in your home and commit to changing the wall colour to a more vibrant shade.

2. Popular shades this season include fall colours such as deep red wine tones, hunter green, warm cream and navy blue. See Dulux fall paint palette here.

3. Certain colours can really affect mood. For example, yellow is associated with happiness, blue is calming, green is soothing and red is invigourating.

4. Dulux Paint will be investing 1 million dollars worth of paint to help improve the look of communities throughout Canada in the “Adding Colour to People’s Lives” campaign. Colourful paint will be added on to buildings in community, charity and non-profit organizations, to help brighten and enlighten. To help with this effort and join painting events in your community, visit Addingcolour.ca.

Happy colouring!