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A Quick Way To Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

Painting your front door is one of the easiest ways to give your house a facelift. But before you get out your brush, here's what you need to know.

The front door is like the pendant on a necklace — a small detail, perhaps, but one that says a lot about the owner. And if today’s front doors are any indication, homeowners are getting bolder. The trend is rich, vibrant hues. We talked to Sharon Grech, a colour and design expert at Benjamin Moore about the latest trends in front door colours.

Why do you think we are getting bolder with our colour choices?

These days the most popular hues include vibrant reds (like Caliente AF-290), rich yellows (Dorset Gold HC-8) and bold blues (Hale Navy HC-154). I find homeowners are getting savvier — they are comfortable bringing fashion and design trends to their exterior, especially the front door. A great example of this is the trend of pastel hues being used on the front door — Pleasant Pink 2094-60 and Venetian Sky are two of my favourites. As consumers, we expect “choice” in all products, and I’ve noticed door manufacturers updating their standard colour offering to include more than just white, brown or black. With paint of course, the colour options are endless.

Front Door Paint- 3 paint splotches in red yellow and grey

Some of the most popular colors are rich, like Caliente AF-290, Dorset Gold HC-8 and Hale Navy HC-154.

Any tips for choosing a front-door colour?

Since the door is a relatively small area compared to the rest of the house, you can afford to take risks and try a bolder colour. However, if you’re looking for guidelines, it is always good design practice to choose a colour that is harmonious with the adjacent materials and landscape. Earthy tones tend to work well since they are so compatible with the natural elements of the great outdoors. For many of my projects, I have been specifying the front door colour be painted on the inside of the door as well. This is a great way to add some interest to the sometimes rather dull front hallway.

Front Door Paint - red door with grey tile

Do brighter, bolder colours require more coats?

When you use a premium or super premium paint, two coats should be sufficient. However, some highly chromatic colours are so clear that they will require a special foundation primer. Be sure to check with your retailer to avoid disappointment.

What is more popular right now, matte or glossy? Is one more durable than the other?

High-gloss doors are definitely on trend, but they aren’t the best choice for every door. To pull off that super slick look, you must have a smooth door with no imperfections. Higher sheens show off every detail — the good as well as the bad.

Is painting a front door any different in terms of application than interior walls?

It’s a smaller area than painting an interior wall, so you have to be more precise. Preparation is always important when painting, so be sure to remove any hardware that you can, and/or use painters tape to mask off glass or other areas that you don’t want to paint. Ensure the surface is clean and smooth before painting so a light sanding is generally a good idea, then rinse and let dry.