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Four tips on decorating as a couple

Create a space that reflects both of your design styles and a home you'll both love.

living room

Tommy Smythe

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to move in together, or maybe you’ve been living together for a while but haven’t been able to create a space that reflects both of your design styles. Here are a few tips on negotiating a balance of his and her items to create a home you’ll both love:

1. Edit your belongings
Before you even move, sort through your belongings and either throw out or donate the things that you no longer need. Only pack the things you’ve both agreed to have in your new home together.

2. Find a compromise
Combining two people’s things into one room can sometimes look like a thrift store mess. Realize that you’re not going to be able to display things in the same way you did in your previous place, so you’ll need to compromise and share the space. For example, dedicate a wall in the home office that displays both of your diplomas and certificates. Or have a display case in the living room that has some of each person’s favourite items and photos.

3. Pick a corner
If your space allows it, create a personal corner for each of you. It could be as big as a basement or as small as a reading nook. Each person’s individual style can reign supreme in their corner with complete creative control on how they want it to look.

4. Create a balance
Avoid decorating styles that polarize in any one direction, such as ultra modern or super romantic (unless it’s a look you both want). Mixing your pieces can make a room look more interesting and appealing; a sleek leather chair will look cool contrasted with a tufted French sofa, and one black piece in an all white room will make the space more dynamic.