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Four chairs get the Cinderella treatment

We gave the same unfinished chair to four fabulous designers to makeover. Find out the amazing results and vote on your favourite...

I worked crazy hard on this chair makeover story, and really couldn’t be prouder of the results. For those of you who don’t get the magazine, here is the quick version.

I got these four chairs at Once Again, on Ottawa Street in Hamilton. (For those of you who don’t know the Ottawa Street neighbourhood in Hamilton, ON, it’s a total gem of a street. Perfect for a weekend of treasure hunting. The likes of design superstar Brian Gluckstein has been spotted there scoring deals on fabric!).

My idea was to get four design personalities to makeover a chair for me. I got Tommy Smyth, also known as Sarah Richardson’s sidekick; Arren Williams, who, if you don’t know him, used to have my job here at Chatelaine years and years ago and now has a really fun design blog; Candice Olson who is just all around fabulous and has a great new show called Candice Tells all on W Network; and Jeffrey & Deborah Fisher, who are  super talented designers and rumour tells me are soon to launch some gorgeous affordable bedding here in Canada, but I can’t tell you any more than that.

Here are the four chairs- can you guess whose is whose?





We thought it would be fun to get your feedback on the results. Head on over here to see who made which chair, and also vote on your favourite one. Can’t wait to see who will win….I feel like I know, but sometimes I get it so so wrong!