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Five home decor goals to embrace

Tips to achieve your home decorating goals this year


Donna Griffin for Chatelaine


Donna Griffin for Chatelaine

The new year sees many of us pausing to reevaluate our situation, assess what’s working, what isn’t and what changes we’d like to see moving forward. There’s no better time to apply these same principles to create a home you love that will make you feel happy, so you can deal with whatever 2012 may throw your way. Here are a few resolutions to get you started:

1. Take a risk

Is there something you’ve secretly been wishing to try? Perhaps you’ve seen a look that you thought was a little out of the box in someone else’s home or a magazine. Well, why not try it out? Perhaps start off small with some art or throw cushions, or a quick coat of paint in a daring shade. Do something you haven’t done before! Breaking routine is good for your psyche and often a refreshing change in your space. The worst that can happen is you actually don’t end up loving it, but you’ll be left with a better understanding of your own personal tastes.

2. Go minimal

Far too often, a lot of our plans for change involve things we would like to buy, when in fact, more often than not, most of us have too much stuff to begin with. Perhaps the refreshing change your home needs would be to pare down a bit – clear the clutter off of shelves and tables, and take down art that has been hanging in the same spot for years. Creating a blank canvas will allow you to re-imagine your space in a different way.

3. Use what you have

Just as putting things away may add a fresh perspective, while you’re busy organizing those cupboards, take a moment to take stock of what you already have. You likely have little treasures and trinkets tucked away that could be brought out and displayed in a new way. Switching up your accessories or rearranging your furniture is the cheapest way to create a whole new look.

4. Defy popular trends

Just because all magazines may be showing a certain style or colour doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit for your space or style. Go with your gut and pick the things that consistently appeal to you. Going with your gut will ultimately make you feel happier in your space, rather than being ‘on trend’. Still figuring out what your personal style is? Get some clues by looking in your closet – you’ll start to see patterns in the styles and colours you keep coming back to. 

5. Buy one investment piece this year 

While we might fantasize about going on one huge shopping spree for all the things we desire for our home, the most beautiful and interesting spaces are thoughtfully curated collections that are accumulated over time. Resolve to buy just one ‘investment piece’ each year – whether it be a practical, well-made piece of furniture or an exquisite piece of art. Treating individual pieces as investments, rather than objects to fill a space, will make you more thoughtful in your selection and happier in the long-term.