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How to make the most of a small mudroom

Keeping a mudroom neat and tidy can be challenging when you're dealing with a small space. The key is to invest in more hooks, baskets and trays.

entranceway organizing Target-mudroom-baskets

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Welcome to your first task of the Clutter Cure challenge! Now it’s time to make over your entryway. This is the space that filters what comes in and out of the house — and the place where everyone dumps their belongings as soon as they walk in. It’s important to keep this area tidy so that messy piles don’t build up. The last thing you want to see after a long’s day work is a pile of mess as soon as you come home. Here’s how to make your mudroom a clutter-free zone:

Step one: Clean

Give your entryway a good sweep and mop. Vacuum any doormats or carpet runners. Clean all surfaces, including furniture, any windows, switches, light fixtures, hooks, and door knobs.

Step two: Organize

Storage is essential in keeping a mudroom neat and tidy, but it is often challenging when you are dealing with a small space. The best way to keep your entryway organized is with hooks, baskets, and trays.

1. Hooks

You can never have a shortage of hooks — use them to hang your jackets, hats, bags and more. Consider creating a labelling system — colour-coded hooks, name tags, numbers — so everyone has a designated area and can take ownership of the space. If you have small children, make sure their hooks are low enough so they can reach it themselves. Bonus: multiple rows of hooks means more easy storage.

2. Baskets

If you don’t have any baskets, go and get them! Whether they’re woven, canvas, or wire, baskets are great tools for hiding all that extra (unsightly) stuff you have cluttering the entryway. Use them to store your seasonal accessories like hats, gloves, flip-flops and slippers. And use them to keep items you might use every day, such as a dog leash. You can extend the labelling system to your baskets and assign each family member a basket for their personal belongings.

3. Trays

Use trays to keep all your grab-and-go items by the entryway. A beautiful dish or bright tray will add colour to your space and will work double-duty to hold your keys, sunglasses, mail and spare change.

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