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Domison lands in Toronto

The contemporary, elegant and inspired Montreal-based furniture boutique has officially landed in Toronto and we are oh-so excited! Domsion delivers sophisticated and affordable furnishings along with unique designs that are reminding us all how much fun furniture shopping can be.

domison versatile

Versatile bookshelf

domison designs in canada

Laurent sectional sofa

domison 3,500 sq ft

Madison coffee table

domison Thien and My Ta Trung

Turquoise ottoman

domison toronto jarvis st

Ginko Tree installation

Entering Toronto’s newest furniture boutique is a lot like entering a candy store: you’re immediately awestruck by a space filled with sensational shapes, colors and textures and need to have it all!

Domison is all of this and much, much more. Extraordinarily talented siblings Thien and My Ta Trung, creators of Periphere (one of Canada’s most celebrated design studios), are the ones we can thank for the 3,500 sq.ft flagship showroom in Toronto’s furniture district. They bring us inspired, sophisticated designs from their own creative imaginations, as well as showcase the talent of independent design studios from across Canada and abroad.

The showroom was designed by award-winning interior design firm Blazysgerard, who turned to the ginkgo tree, where Asian roots are genuinely grounded into North American soil, for inspiration. The result is a magical experience in furniture shopping.

And just when you think it couldn’t get any better…just take a look at the price tags – truly the icing on the cake.