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How to recover a lampshade with wallpaper

Give an old lampshade a quick refresh with this easy, step-by-step tutorial.

What you need:

A lampshade, wallpaper, spray adhesive, double-sided tape, ribbon and a pencil.


Photo, Sian Richards.


1. Trace the shape of your lampshade onto the back of the wallpaper by rolling the lampshade 360 degrees, while running the pencil on the paper. Measure a 1/2 inch both above and below the line and mark onto paper. This extra 1/2 inch of paper will be tucked inside the lampshade for a clean finish.


Photo, Sian Richards.

2. Cut out your template.

3. In a well-ventilated area, follow the instructions on the can of spray adhesive and apply the glue all over the lampshade.

4. Starting with one edge, press the wallpaper template on to the lampshade making sure you have a 1/2 inch space of paper on both the top and bottom of the shade.


Photo, Sian Richards.

5. Apply double-sided tape to the top and bottom inside edges of the lampshade.

6. Fold the wallpaper over the edges of the shade and press into the double-sided tape working out any wrinkles as you go.


Photo, Sian Richards.

7. To finish, apply a piece of double-sided tape to the top and bottom outside edges of the lampshade.

8. Cut two pieces of ribbon to length and apply directly on top of the double-sided tape.

You’re done!


Photo, Sian Richards.