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How to make a vintage console

10-minute project: Make over your front hall by turning salvaged corbels into a stunning table.

All you need to pull this off is a pair of wooden corbels, an old stair tread and a little know-how. What’s a corbel? It’s a fancy word for a bracket. In Victorian times, they were used under porches and roof peaks as a decorative feature on some home exteriors.


1. Start with two matching corbels. Salvage shops and online auctions are a good place to find them.

2. Position the first corbel on the wall at the desired height. Drill through the top and bottom thinner parts of the corbel to mark the wall.

3. Attach the the corbel to the wall with a screw (and a plug if necessary).

4. Attach the stair tread to the tops of the corbels using wood screws. Fill and paint if desired.

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